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1Ralizah15 hours ago 8 stars seems kind of high for a game with performance issues as severe as this seems to have. Also kind of odd for the review to mention the game's PC modding community. Tons of games have PC modding communities. It's just one of the perks of being a PC gamer. But I don't see how it's really relevant to this version of the game. 48 2Coochie_Kong15 hours ago Before people comment, "remember when they said it will never come to switch?" Just remember Gears for Breakfast got less money on kickstarter because ppl cared more about Yooka Laylee and they are a low budget indie company. They didnt think this game would do as well as it did so that's why they said it wouldn't happen. 8 3GhostGeneration15 hours ago Loving it and not having too much of the performance stuff on my end either. It's gorgeous and a joy to play! 6 4KingBowser8615 hours ago @Ralizah Are the performance issues such that they could be patched out? Maybe then the 8 rating could still stand. 1 5Ralizah15 hours ago @Coochie_Kong It's hard to believe some people are still salty about their dumb twitter posts in 2017. People today seem to feel the need to constantly be angry or annoyed about trivial stuff. 19 6Coochie_Kong15 hours ago @Ralizah ikr 0 7Coochie_Kong15 hours ago This review said Super Mario 64 has a good camera. What crack are they on? Mario 64 has one of the most annoying cameras ever! I've played that game alot and literally speed ran it last weekend! 22 8Seananigans15 hours ago "It is strange that despite Super Mario 64 having arguably one of the best cameras in any game..." Oh please Nintendolife dont make me laugh. Mario 64's camera while fine for its time, has still aged like cheese compared to say Super Mario Sunshine and especially Super Mario Odyssey. The camera was just as much of an issue as it was in any game back then. It got stuck on level geometry, was stiff in terms of angling it, and did not do well in tight spaces. It's been far outdone by its successors. 31 9tobibra15 hours ago Will pick up the retail release when I can. I love 3D platform collectons! 2 10Ralizah15 hours ago @Seananigans Holy crud, I missed that line! SM64's camera controls are a nightmare for someone who didn't grow up with the game. @KingBowser86 I'm sure patches can improve the game, but they're generally reviewed based on the way they perform at launch. 4 11JasmineDragon15 hours ago I'm waiting for the performance patch on this, I've heard really unhappy reports about the performance on Switch. I don't want to buy a game that literally everybody raved about and have the experience ruined by a stuttering port. 5 12Tao15 hours ago @Coochie_Kong Probably helped that Yooka-Laylee was a disappointment for many. I myself only picked up AHiT on a whim after being sorely disappointed by Yooka...Only to find AHiT is far closer to the game I wanted Y-L to be. Deserves all the praise and success it gets, IMO...And I'm not usually one to say things like that. 6 13suikoden15 hours ago Very odd score for a game that's riddled with bugs and performance issues yet games with less problems and just as good score less. The reviews on this site are really out of whack at times. 9 14Agramonte15 hours ago Waiting for this on Switch. But again no AA... I hate jaggies I'll wait for a few more reviews. No AA and bad performance could be a bit much of a downgrade 1 15Woomy_NNYes15 hours ago Does Hat in Time have anything to do with purple/yellow joycons coming out? Seems like a strange coincidence. 0 16sketchturner14 hours ago I'll wait to see how well it gets patched. I mainly play Switch in handheld mode, and I've heard the performance of this game is terrible when not docked. 2 17jerrycoeurl14 hours ago @Coochie_Kong Thank you! I thought I was going crazy for a second. Mario 64 is a classic but it’s camera is absolutely headache-inducing at times. 2 18icebear8014 hours ago I want to try this game, but I feel the download size is disturbingly large for a game like this. It should at least run smooth before I'll buy it and give it precious space on my micro SD card! 2 19BenAV14 hours ago It's a bit of a blessing that the physical release got delayed given the game's performance issues. Gives me some extra time to look into it and see opinions before deciding whether it's still worth getting. I was originally leaning towards grabbing it but I might end up holding off now. 0 20doctorhino14 hours ago I was a huge fan of this game on PC. The performance issues seem to stem mostly around the big city with all the cars driving around and rooftop owls. The rest of the stages, though extremely jaggy at times, do not keep me from performing any platforming and don't seem to stutter at weird times like the owl city level does. I hope they patch it to fix the sudden stops because outside of that level this game is a real joy and in my opinion as solid of a 3d platformer as any of the recent mario games, if only a bit uglier. 4 21Coochie_Kong14 hours ago @jerrycoeurl I love mario 64 but it's no where near perfect. 0 22Coochie_Kong14 hours ago @Tao agreed 0 23Captain_Toad14 hours ago @Ralizah Played the game myself and I share the 8/10 score. While the performance problems does occur, (including the pauses) it's mostly infrequent and for the most part (besides the pauses) can be ignored. @Nintendolife. And I don't get listing of woes of not having modded PC extras in the console port in the review. Any single pc game in existance will have mods and of course and every console port of a pc game in existance won't let you (offically) mod the game. Granted (There are exceptions; Marble Up i think thats what it's called, that can let you play developer picked modded courses and Ps4/Xb1 Skyrim 4 modded stuff wuth base models but those are way too few and far between) Until we get to a console generation that can let you offically mod your games or have pc share mods with consoles, this is what we're stuck with. 1 24ummyeahnintendo14 hours ago This game is awesome! The performance issues are annoying, but the gameplay and story make up for it. Hoping they are able to patch it out, like their Reddit post claims they will. If this game was polished, it would be an easy 10/10 3 25Luffymcduck14 hours ago I've only played the PC version and honestly prefer this game over Super Mario Odyssey. If there are performance issues on the Switch version, I can understand this receiving an 8/10. Good score still. 0 26Not_Soos14 hours ago @JasmineDragon This is my first experience playing the game, and yes--performance issues can be atrocious (it can freeze for upwards of five seconds at a time, even cutting the music), and on one instance, the stuttering almost made me sick. That being said, the game is still great enough that I've had a hard time putting it down. So yeah, I was worried about the same thing, but it hasn't ruined the experience for me; it's still one of my favorite Switch games this year so far. 2 27Paraka14 hours ago @Coochie_Kong - Yet, the one that brings it up first is the one to laugh at those who brought it up... first? I gotta say, if I brought that up it's likely a reflection of things. Only consistent so far is EA not wanting to support the Switch fully because it hasn't sold a bajillion units. GFB had their humble pie, but the internet isnt content of letting it go, let alone letting go of the idea of no one letting it go. 0 28KitsuneNight13 hours ago It is a great platformer. But I am not a huge fan of platformers. ( Nor am I very good at them. ) I already have the game on Steam, so unless I see it cheap somewhere down the line ill pass on this one. 0 29Muddy_4_Ever13 hours ago I could tolerate these performance issues in an RPG. Platformers require precision, tho, and I'll not be buying unless there's a fix. 0 30TDRsuperstar213 hours ago What's the difference between this and Super Lucky's Tale? They both seem very similar and I opted to get Super Lucky's Tale just because things looked a little smoother and gameplay looked a little better. 1 31Pablo1713 hours ago Waiting for the physical, the download size of this is huge. 0 32Coochie_Kong13 hours ago @Paraka also wtf u bringing up ea lol 0 33Indielink13 hours ago @Coochie_Kong He's saying that you are the only person bringing it up. It seems like most other people have let it go so let's just let the matter die. 0 34cyrus_zuo13 hours ago The technical issues will keep me away. I get motion sickness easy, and the frame rate issues noted in the review will get me sick. Hoping for miracles in the patch. 0 35Paraka13 hours ago @Coochie_Kong - Not mad at anyone, just pointing out the observation. It's the same tactic that gets pulled when a game with titillation comes about and someone posting along the lines of, "This'll trigger the SJW's." People apparently always wanna take the first shot. You statement was the first to bring it to the table, the new age of Inb4 comments. 2 36datamonkey12 hours ago Mario 64 had a good camera in that it gave full 360 freedom of movement. It was when it was close to scenery that it had some issues... 1 37PikaPhantom12 hours ago Heavily considering this one. The soundtrack is pretty great and 3D platformers are generally enjoyable to me. 0 38doctorhino12 hours ago @Not_Soos Were you playing in portable or tv mode when it stopped for 5 seconds and cut the music out. I have not seen that at all but play exclusively in portable mode. 0 39Cotillion12 hours ago 8/10 for a game that has such bad slow down the game actually freezes for a second or more? That's hella generous. If they patch it up, I might get it on Switch. If not, I've already had this on my Steam wishlist for a while now. 1 40KitsuneNight12 hours ago Considering CDprojekt Red performed a miracle by getting The Vitcher 3 to run on the NX A Hat In Time has no real excuse to run so poorly really. Unless CDPR sold their souls to get The Vitcher 3 to run. 0 41KitsuneNight12 hours ago @Cotillion Buy the PC version You wil be much happier with in the long run, just the mods alone. Unless you are dying to play it on the move. 1 42Sunanootoko11 hours ago @KitsuneNight My good friend, why do you post a comment like that? Why do you suggest other people to buy the pc version? Do you realize that you're on a Nintendo videogame website and someone may not possess a gaming PC? State your opinion on the switch release and end it there... 0 43doctorhino11 hours ago @Sunanootoko Lol, he is responding to a person who said it was on his STEAM wish list. You didn't even state an opinion on a game or anything Nintendo, just trying to enforce rules you made up. 2 44KitsuneNight11 hours ago @Sunanootoko What exactly has being on a Nintendo website got to do with anything ? Unless we stake out our little fandom fiefdoms out again like back in school. And I am long past that. i stated my opinion on this game already. The game runs poorly and is oversized. It's a poor port at the moment. Maybe the patch will fix it, maybe it wont. But right now, the PC version is the better version. 0 45Alpha00811 hours ago @Ralizah look, if the game has performance issues and still gets 8 stars, the game itself must be really, really, really good. Which it is. 1 46KitsuneNight11 hours ago @Alpha008 Just because a game itself is great, doesn't mean the port itself can't be shoddy. And this port is shoddy. The game deserves better. The NX deserves better. 0 47Nintendonerd1211 hours ago I've not had many problems yet in docked mode love this game !! 0 48Oat10 hours ago @Coochie_Kong I agree with you on that. When they said "It is strange that despite Super Mario 64 having arguably one of the best cameras in any game," I was like um are you sure about that chief? 0 49John_Deacon10 hours ago @Coochie_Kong In the wake of 3D platformers, cameras were a nightmare with very few exceptions. And to be honest, I can't remember one single game that had great camera... LOL The Crash Trilogy can't be considered because it's pretty linear. Games like SM64 had HUGE camera problems... 0 50Bondi_Surfer10 hours ago I’m not a fan of ‘release now, patch later’, so I’ll skip this. By the time the fixes come (if they come), I’ll have forgotten about the game. Whereas a delayed release to get it right, gets my respect and my money. 2 51KitsuneNight10 hours ago @Oat It had one of the best 3D cameras in 1996 ? Honestly i never had much of an issue with the camera in Mario 64 And for one of the first 3D camera's it was pretty good Sega struggled with the 3D camera for years ( which is really odd when you think about it ) 0 52yvo8410 hours ago Just about to finish Spyro 3, so this is next on the list. 0 53Agriculture10 hours ago I really hate this thread of overvaluing games that are on the Switch. It happened with that crappy shooter Sine Mora EX too. User score is 4/10, but somehow this reviewer thinks it's 8/10. Yes, we understand that 3rd party games are important on the Switch, but it doesn't mean we have to praise bad games, or overpay for good games, or even 小鱼玄机2站30码期期中特 be forced to buy the Devil May Cry HD Trilogy as separate games just because we happen to own a Switch. 0 54gcunit10 hours ago I just don't like the visual design of this game and am finding that is a blocker for me. 1 55Oat10 hours ago @KitsuneNight It was good for the time but MAN that camera system does not hold up. When I played SM64 on the wii u vc I had nothing but issues. 1 56KitsuneNight10 hours ago @Oat Maybe i am just lucky, I guess. I never had any issues with it. 0 57GregamanX9 hours ago If it still has performance issues, I wouldn't recommend it. I played it on ps4, and made it through a grueling 30 minute final level segment and multiphase final boss fight, only for the game to glitch in the final phase, making it impossible to hit the final boss (take note that there are no saves during the whole segment, so the entire level would require a complete redo from the beginning in hopes that the game would not glitch at the end again). I completely lost the will to finish the game. Also, while the game was exciting and creative in its first world, I found it got more tedious, long and frustrating with each new world I encountered. It was a shame, since I was initially looking forward to the game so much, as I really wanted a fun new 3d platformer to play. Also, the Murder on the Orient Express segment is NOT as fun as most reviews make it out to be. I know my opinions on the game are subjective and it just wasn't my cup of tea. The performance issues on the other hand, are a whole new can of worms. 0 58the_beaver9 hours ago I want it, but I'll wait for the inevitable patch! Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying Yooka-Laylee 2 and Super Lucky Tale pretty soon. 0 59KitsuneNight9 hours ago @GregamanX That murder mystery segment is, ..okay but only when you know what to do . If not you will be really floundering and its tedious as hell. The first world is the best. 2 60Ventilator7 hours ago I have it on PC, so that will do for now. Need to see if there is any patches on Switch. 0 61MisterKorman7 hours ago I love the game, but I'm not sure I want to get it on Switch. I'm honestly pretty bitter that the DLC never made its way to the other consoles it's already on. I understand that they've said it's not possible, but I don't want to have to get the entire game all over again to play the DLC when I've already got the game almost two years ago on PS4. 0 62sj335 hours ago @Alpha008 That was the point that I was hoping would come across. It is still an excellent game even with the performance issues. Silver lining and all that. 0 63MsJubilee5 hours ago @Alpha008 That doesn't matter, the game still has flaws. And the framerate is one of those flaws. 1 64Woomy_NNYes4 hours ago So far, I'm successfully waiting for the physical release of Hat in Time. So far..... 0 65Alpha0084 hours ago @KitsuneNight if you look through this comment thread you’ll see that the reviewer agrees with me. If the games performance was better, it would have earns 9 or 10 stars. The performance issues cost is a star or two. @sj33 0 66Alpha0084 hours ago I’m kinda disappointed you didn’t recommend this game to paper Mario fans, this game has a very strong paper Mario vibe to it, especially chapters two and three. 0 67michellelynn09764 hours ago A cute and wholesome game. 0 68koekiemonster3 hours ago Are the framedrops just as bad as Link’s Awakening? 0 69KitsuneNight3 hours ago @Alpha008 Just because the reviewer agrees doesn't really mean all that much. A reviewer is just another opinion. If you look through this thread, you will see that most others disagree with the reviewer. The first comment already does in fact. Just because the game is out on the NX, doesn't mean we have to be happy when the port is shoddy. And somebody can still like something and be critical about it. That's something a lot of people seem to overlook. And i am criticizing the port, which is half assed not the game itself. A bit of an important distinction This game deserves better then a half assed shoddy, release now, patch later maybe, port. And we shouldn't be happy with a half assed port either, cause the NX can do better. See the Witcher 3 for what the NX is capable off. 0 70Kienda1 hour ago I don’t think people understand reviews. A review is one individual person’s opinion. Even if it has bugs this game could be the reviewers favourite game of all time. Also this is not the NintendoLife team’s consensus. You may not agree with it. That’s your opinion. But let the reviewer have their own opinion also. 1 71Not_Soos57 mins ago @doctorhino Honestly, I probably have played more in handheld mode than on the TV. It can happen randomly at any time, but you should specifically play either of the two DJ grooves levels or just equip the badge that turns the Speedy Hat into a scooter and use the scooter, and you should see what I'm talking about. The scooter lags most of the time, but not all of the time. 0 72hakjie1129 mins ago Very interested, but still so many games to finish... 0 Tap here to load 72 comments